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Colorado Springs Community Flute Ensemble


Established in 1984, the Pikes Peak Flute Choir is now really more of a flute orchestra! From tiny piccolo to the very large subcontrabass flute, our musicians create a rich depth of sound. Our members range from ages 16 to 80 with professions as varied as our flutes: students, teachers, professional musicians, scientists, veterinarians, writers and graphic designers just to name a few!


Our organization consists of three choirs. The large choir is for flute players of any playing ability who wish to join. We also have two smaller choirs: Small Group, a select choir for advanced players plus a Low Voice Choir, consisting of alto flute down through sub-contrabass flute. Any member can play in the Low Voice choir as long as there is an instrument available (the choir owns some low flutes for all members to play). The Small Group is by audition only. Please visit our membership page if you are interested in joining The Pikes Peak Flute Choir.


The Pikes Peak Flute Choir received its non-profit status in 1988 and is also a member of the National Flute Association.








The Pikes Peak Flute Choir was established in 1984 by director, Anne Martin, and had just 12 members. The organization received its non-profit status in 1988 as The Pikes Peak Flute Choirs, Inc.


In 1994, Karen Morsch took over as director and the choir grew to 40 members by the time the choir celebrated its 30th anniversary in early 2014.


The 30th year of The Pikes Peak Flute Choir kicked off with a winter concert featuring the debut of the subcontrabass flute (the only one in the state of Colorado!) as well as a solo by Colorado Springs Philharmonic principle flutist, Paul Nagem. A larger gala event was held at Stargazers on May 4, 2014.


In the spring of 2015, PPFC member and Resident Composer, Akio Lis, won the Madison Flute Club contrabass flute solo composition contest. The Pikes Peak Flute Choir featured this piece at the March 13, 2016 concert.


At the end of the regular 2014/2015 season, Karen Morsch was promoted to Director Emeritus and Treese Kjeldsen took over the director's baton. At the end of the regular 2015/2016 season, Treese Kjeldsen retired to the mountains and was promoted to Head Guest Director. Assistant Conductor, Akio Lis, was promoted to Director. Akio lead PPFC to performances at the Colorado Flute Convention and conducted many world premieres. In the Spring of 2022, Erin Spencer began her tenure as Music Director.


Are you an avid flute player? Or maybe you haven't played your flute in quite some time but are looking to start playing again. Either way, you will enjoy being a part of The Pikes Peak Flute Choir!


We take players of all ages and playing ability. Our members range from high school student to "What are you talking about?! You look like you're still 40 and fabulous!" Our flute players are professional musicians, teachers, students, veterinarians, writers, graphic designers and retired, just to name a few professions.


Our choir owns several flutes so if you no longer have your own flute there is no need to worry. Or if you would like to try your hand at alto, bass or contrabass flute, we offer the option to do so as well.

Membership in PPFC is by semester. We have a fall/winter semester, a spring semester and a summer session. Currently, we charge a $60 membership due per semester and the summer session is free. We do offer payment plans and scholarships for those in need.


Our rehearsals are every Tuesday starting at 6:45 p.m. at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. For more information, visit our rehearsals page.

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Music Director

Erin Spencer


Karen Shapiro


Beth Lewis


Amy Upchurch

Member Liaison

SierraMarie Whigham


Louise Suppes

PR Director

Katie Greenhill



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